Monday, October 31, 2005

And the weeks just roll on by

After almost a month of sun, sand and sail, we're back in metropolis Hong Kong! Staying at my aunt's place now, an empty furnished flat. It's fortunate we know relatives here who can accommodate us, but we are looking to find our own place asap. It will be nice to finally have a home and where our mess is our own problem. Matt's already working and has gone off to Seoul for a couple of days for meetings. So exciting, the whole thought of this new prospect, a new branch that is being born and could develop into something bigger than what i can imagine myself. I'm very happy and proud of him and in a sort of motherly-way, I felt like today was his first day of school, about to enter a new world.

I spent the day looking at flats in Discovery Bay, a sort of expat community neighbourhood on Lantau Island near the airport, where you can literally get anything you want. Right now as i type, images of bathrooms, bedrooms and balconies are dancing in my head and merging into one. I took my camera with me so that i will be able to differentiate one from the other, at least that's the plan.

Off for my 2nd meeting/interview tomorrow with CECES. Unsure if this is the right job to take, but i'm willing to hear out the details and see if it's a good deal or not. For the first time in my life, i feel that i am in a position to do whatever i feel like doing. Teaching would is the obvious choice, be it english/french or music. But here's a chance to do something totally different and un-me. Like taking a course in carpentry, flower arrangement, pilates, or ?? It's a liberating feeling to be able to do that, when i could look at it, and i have, and think being in one location is a limitation in itself.

Man that three hour time difference from HK to Vanuatu has thrown off my body clock. Sort of, but it's a good enough excuse to crawl into bed now. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

honeymoon ahoy!

Hello from Luganville, a sleepy south pacific town on the island of Santo in Vanuatu.

We're enjoying sitting here in the air conditionned internet cafe where we just came back from kayaking around the bay.

We've been here for a few days now primarily diving the Coolidge wreck. I've received my PADI open water certificate - although i have yet to see the score of my test. Anyways, this morning was my first 'real' dive (down to 35 metres!) and it was incredible to see the wreck and be able to swim through little holes.

Stopping in Sydney for a day and a half was great.

We saw the opera house of course, walked around to the parks, botanical gardens, took a ferry to one of the islands, saw a play at the opera house in our ratty outfits, oh well it was good.

In Vanuatu our first stop was Tanna island where we stayed in a little remote guesthouse that was first started as a community tourism project by a British guy. Beautiful little bay setting with (VERY!) hot springs nearby.

Tanna is famous for having the worlds most accessible live volcano. Matt and I decided to walk to the volcano from our guesthouse - a two and a half sweaty jaunt through the forest paths. We ended up getting lost but upon seeing the volcano, decided to climb it anyways since it was getting dark and we didn't think going back down the steep path was an option without a flashlight, water or food (bad planning).

We had to stomp our way through the 3 meter tall shrubs and grass - still have scars and scrapes from it. We were so lost we actually ended up climbing up the wrong side where there was glowing hot lumps of lava shooting up and then in our direction landing about a hundred meters away. Quite the amazing show, scary though as you can imagine.

Don't worry moms, we're alive and well and the only thing that we are fighting off now are pesky flies.

Hmmm... I guess i shouldn't elaborate on this morning's dive episode where Matt's tank fell out of its buckle at 40 meters depth.

Anyways, i don't feel much like writing more because i have too much to say but all is well - better than well actually! - and Matt and i are anxiously awaiting next Monday where we'll step aboard the Soren Larsen!!

Ten days of sailing and sunshine, yay bring it on!!!!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

honeymoon bound

After a couple of days in HK where we got some things checked off on our to-do list (get SIM card, open HSBC bank account, get internet access, buy books and dvd's, visit Discovery Bay, a potential place where we might live) we're off in less than an hour to Sydney where we'll spend a day exploring and then onwards to Vanuatu! Lots of new sights and sounds await and i'm even excited for the journey there. We'll be there for almost a month which is fantastic. Had an interview this morning with a local non-profit organization that does primary school teaching through alternative leadership programs, it went well and i'm looking forward to starting with them when i return. Things are definitely looking up and... well, i guess one could say things have been looking up since this time last year exactly, when i arrived in unpredictable China :)