Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Boy!

After all the anticipation and excitement, we were rewarded with a full-on view of our baby's nether-regions today.

And without a thread of doubt, it is a BOY!

With the expansion of my belly, it is becoming more and more real each day.

I find bending over to put on my shoes or even getting up from a soft sofa a bit awkward.

A few times I've caught myself off-balance.

I don't know what I'll be like a few months from now!

I've gained 20 pounds already, give or take a bit depending on time of weighing and number of layers worn. I can hardly believe it! Where did it all go?

Well, there's no denying my belly has taken the majority of this weight, as has my thighs and butt, not to mention my boobs (which isn't
too bad, is it HN?!! Ha! If being pregnant is what it takes.. there ya have it!)

Well, my son, I'm delighted - and relieved - you are healthy and 'normal' and have a beautiful-shaped head and sweet delicate (football playing) feet!