Saturday, February 16, 2019

Getting mentally ready!

We asked the kids (and ourselves) 3 questions to get us mentally prepared for leaving land-life and moving onto a boat. 

Here are the results!

Tai is looking forward to snorkeling, new friends and sailing. 

He would like to bring his Rabbie (stuffy), tablet and computer. 

The 3 things he will miss are his friends, Midway (indoor amusement park centre) and driving.

As for Matt, the 3 things he is looking forward to is time together, nice sailing and eating fish. 

The 3 things he would like to bring are charts (maps), a life-raft (last resort if we have to abandon ship) and diesel. 

The 3 things he will miss are playing soccer, driving cars and snowboarding.

Aila's top 3 things she's looking forward to are sailing more often, staying with my parents and seeing dolphins.

The 3 things she wants to bring on-board are her Fingerling (plastic animal toy that sits on your finger), her journal and her swimsuit.

She will miss her friends, house and school.

Myself, I am looking forward to living on the water and closer to nature; challenging myself by having to learn new things and deal with multiple issues, many of which I probably don't even know exist; exploring new places with my family and meeting new people. 

3 things I will bring are my yoga mat, dill pickle chips and earplugs. 

The 3 things I will miss are long, hot showers, my coffee machine, and personal space.