Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Aila!

Dearest Aila,

You will be celebrating your first birthday tomorrow. I am in such a state of half-awe and half-sorrow.

I didn't feel this when Tai turned one. I cannot believe how far we've come, my little girl, from that day in hospital when you popped out to today, a bright-eyed, smiley, nosey, beautiful girl.

I know people say you should be careful to describe little girls as "beautiful" and "gorgeous", so they don't only ascribe themselves with outer appearances.

But to be absolutely honest, you are SO BEAUTIFUL. Your perfect little face with your deep searching dark eyes, and like Tai says "you have lovely cheeks" and "you have a cute little nose".

My Aila, we will be celebrating with you tomorrow. What a year and what an achievement!

We didn't know one year ago how we would manage as a family with a new addition. Now I can't imagine what our family would do without you. You weren't so much an 'addition', but the 'completion' to our mini