Wednesday, September 23, 2009

september is just one of those months you barely remember

Since returning to work, it's been full on!

Besides doing a variety of different programs this year (adult workplace literacy, Mother Goose Goes to School, First Nations play-based groups....), I'm enjoying the fact that everything is somewhat familiar.

No such steep learning curve like last year, but just a committed head-first dive onto this treadmill we call 'Building Learning Together'.

As always, I just love my coworkers and we keep each other sane and happy and creative and silly all in one go.

And just to prove how much i really care for them, i'll even squeeze into my already- busy programming day to rescue them at the store when they've locked their keys in the car (today) or lend them my car when theirs has just conveniently decided to take early retirement (yesterday).

I wonder what's in store for tomorrow? I'm car-pooling so at least my vehicle is safe.