Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today we went to visit LEGOLAND near Windsor.
Fun and loud and vibrant and very cool!!

Tai loved it,

but i think we loved it more!

We didn't go on any rides excpet for the little

train but now we know what there is for when he's a bit older.
It was a HOT day and we spent a long time playing in the water play park which he absolutely loved.
We then organized a last minute pub meal with Sara, Gary and their two little girls, Daisy (18 months) and little Pippa (about 5 weeks old but a real bruiser!)
They live closeby in Ascot so it was very convenient for everyone.
It was interesting to see how different Tai and Daisy were. Daisy is your fireball of intense energy, running and jumping and dancing and climbing. She hardly stops and seems to only have one setting.
Tai is a bit more cautious, a lot less active (even if he's a few months younger, you could definitely tell he just wasn't as hyper), much more quieter and observant.
It will be interesting to see how the two personalities develop over the years.
After getting home at 8pm, it was a quick bath and a short story for Tai, and a bit of a tv-evening for us.
Now it's time to climb under the duvet and dream in lego blocks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In Paul and Penny's garden at Bridport, with dog Mungo in the background.
Playing with my puppy. Thank you Aunty Jan and Betty!

This is what I find every morning in my kitchen.

Eating our garden's delights!
It is here on nights like this where I have the freedom to write and think and ponder and muse and scribble.

I love moments like these.

Tomorrow begins another round of visitors, back to back and hectic schedules of pickups, touring, feeding, being.

It is good for the soul to have friends visit and to share in life's ongoings.