Thursday, February 09, 2012

A little sister for Tai!!!

View from the top of the head
Nice side profile
Baby was very cooperative today and we found out that there will be a little GIRL joining our family! We are ECSTATIC! Very very much so.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Posing in his new Peruvian vest. Thank you Popo and Gongong!
Tai is learning new words at an astonishingly rapid pace. As fast as my belly is growing, it seems!

There are several new words every week and now we're onto two-syllable ones even!

I often think he knows more than I think he does. Sometimes he does things that surprises me and I'm left wondering "where did he learn that?!"
Cuddling his new teddy. Merci Estelle!

His sense of empathy is coming through stronger and stronger. He kisses and cuddles various toys and books - and us of course! 

He is very fair in his kisses too; if he kisses Mama first, he will directly go to Dada and kiss him as well. And vice versa. It's lovely.

As for Baba 2, I am growing bigger and bigger and except for the nasal congestion (which has now just become a part of my normal world), everything seems pretty fine. 

There were a few instances of spotting and bleeding which I got checked out by the midwife, but tomorrow's scan should tell us more - if anything. 

Besides the constant nasal congestion and the incredibly annoying insomnia, I am feeling fine. 

A gentle kiss for baba 2
I was told at the last midwife appointment, my glucose level was rather high and was a likely candidate for gestational diabetes. This is fairly common and can be usually controlled by diet. 

I'm trying to be good and conscious about cutting down on sugar. However, there are times where I do cave in and devour a chocolate brownie or lemon drizzle cake. 

What I am craving recently (and if I remember back to the first pregnancy, then also), is pasta and tomato sauce. Anything with tomato sauce really, lasagne, spaghetti, etc. Oh, and fries. Big chunky fries with salt and ketchup. 

I wish I could just pop down the street and get a big hot poutine. Now that would be great!