Monday, November 28, 2011

no longer a baby

Wearing his new pj's from cousins Amy and Winnie.
My goodness the time has just flown by! Tai is almost 17 months old now. SEVENTEEN!

I am really loving this stage, the curiosity, the communication, the discoveries. It's all so exciting in his little life. He's speaking monosyllabic words now, pointing at everything (especially lights) and loves to wrestle and be tickled.

He is an absolute joy in our lives. I understand how that love grows and deepens with time too. It certainly has for us.

Tai napping with his cousin Elodie.
What I love seeing most is the joy he brings to other people around him.

The other day, he randomly went up to another little boy about his age, put his hands on the boy's shoulders and gave him a big hug. No prompting, no cajoling, just a simple act of affection.