Friday, February 25, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

Having something, anything, to look forward to keeps me sane.

Now we are on our way to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands for a week of sun, sand and surf. Mom and Dad will be joining us which makes me really really happy. This will be good for Tai to bond with his grandparents and vice versa.

I know they are desperate to see him again. It's only been 4 months since they last kissed Tai (on our trip to Canada in October) but they grow faster than you can imagine. No wonder he eats like a horse!

We have found a house in Winchester as well and that makes me feel like the momentum of eventually relocating there is becoming a reality.

When there are no friends or family around, being a new mum can be very lonely. I didn't realize just how isolated I felt until I got a mild cold and couldn't bear the fact of taking care of a baby.

It's funny how even your breasts don't produce as much milk when you are feeling ill... which then leads to a hungrier baby and that is never good news.

Monday, February 21, 2011

lovely lovely Cornwall

This weekend we went back to Cornwall to stay with friends, Ben and Helen (and their 6 month old son, Clem) in St. Agnes.

Matt was going to be doing his first installation for them in order to get his company accredited.

After that, he will be able to install for 'real' customers, so a very big step!

As the (big) boys got busy on the roof, Helen and I took the (little) boys down to the sea.

I forgot how lovely it is to live right by the water and Cornwall-living gives you that little slice of heaven.

Thank you Suttons for a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

growing up

Here we are, one month already in Shaftesbury!

I am blown away how quickly time just seems to whiz by nowadays.

I want to blog more, to document Tai's first few months so that he will have a record of what they were like. And i want to be able to remember these months in many years to come, so I can say to myself "Yes, I survived it."

He is no longer the little helpless newborn baby that occupied our lives day in and day out.

Tai is now the budding little boy with personality and character, and a cheeky smile to match!

His temperament is still pretty chilled and he is a nosy little bugger, never quite able to feed in public places because there is just too much going on.

Never one to give away his smiles for free, you have to work for your smiles - even me! But once he casts a sideways grin at you, it is an honour. And I cherish those deeply.

* pics of Tai demonstrating his sitting skills with friend Winnie the Pooh; in his new big-boy highchair, celebrating the Year of The Rabbit; and modelling his new Indian outfit from Aunty Rena.