Monday, October 22, 2018

This. Is. Happening.

We bought a boat.

Not just a boat. THE BOAT.

The difference between our mindset now (in the PLANNING stage) and about a month ago (in the DREAMING stage), is that: This. Is. Happening.

Our cruising life is tangible. We have the boat. 

Cue crazy screams of excitement, glee and sheer terror. All against a backdrop of money being flushed down the toilet.

Yes, we are already hemorrhaging money. For winter storage, rudder repairs, sail restitching, transmission rebuild.


This. Is. Happening.

I still can't quite believe it at times. But then when I catch myself saying "when we go cruising..." and not "If we go cruising..." then I am reminded again that: This. Is. Happening.

The to-do lists gets longer and longer each day as we realize the multifaceted components of being able to cast off.

Listing the house to rent, but first needing to purge, pack and store an entire household of things.
Ensuring our health documents and vaccinations are up to date, stocking up on essential meds, etc.
Homeschool - 'nuff said!
Boat stuff - a growing number of items need attending to before we actually set sail. And then there's the growing number of items that will need attention once under way at some point (ie. new rigging!) and then the anticipated number of items that will need addressing (not to mention likely lots of $$) when we are under way. So hard to know how much to budget for in terms of $$ and time when these will crop up anytime. Trying to maintain a 'go with the flow' mentality. Trying, but it's not easy when I am a planner.

Well, the momentum is building.

This. Is. Happening.