Friday, January 22, 2010

post-Christmas pudge

Week 17, and I think yoga pants are the comfiest things ever.

We survived our move to the UK.

We managed to sell as much as we could including the motorbikes and car, send 20+ huge boxes via Canada Post which should be arriving in a few weeks, and pack and store the rest of it in our apartment closet.

The rest we took with us, with some excess baggage sitting in my parent's basement, along with the existing pile I've accumulated over the past few years.

We spent almost a month visiting family in Ottawa and Toronto, scrambled to apply for my UK Settlement Visa (which was issued in a record 2 days!), escaped to the Dominican Republic for a week of sun and surf, and after a New Year's spent playing Perudo at home, hopped over to the UK to see more family and get settled into our temporary accommodation.

And now begins the 'settlement' phase of our new life. Again.

Having done this numerous times, we are getting too good at this. This time home is Penzance.

If I were given a nickel for every list I have made, I'd have a small fortune. And with it, we'd probably up and leave for another destination....!

However, I do feel blessed to be able to make such changes in my life, pretty much whenever we want, under our own circumstances.

The same excitement that accompanies such a move has set in. I want to get a car to explore the area, set up a bank account and eat in all the restaurants, visit the local pubs and meet the locals, get a permanent place to live and buy a comfy bed and couch and piano..... the list continues....

But different from the previous moves, there's a little person inside me screaming for me to sleep.

Already, he/she's ruling my life and I will happily oblige.