Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Last Supper

It's Anice and Laura's last day in the streets and alleyways of Hong Kong. UP the Victoria Peak they went today. Check out: for what they've been up to these few weeks... besides watching LOST and eating the foods they dearly missed for the past year (ie. chips, popcorn, ready-made pizza, cereal, cheese).
We found another cockroach under the sofa last night. Unable to kill such a defenceless creature (i cannot deal with the crunch sound), i caught him in a plastic container and through him off the balcony. Dunno what's better: murder or inflicted-suicide. And i still can't comprehend how these things manage to get up to the 26th floor of our building!
I'm super duper tired today. It's draining not doing anything. Am leaving to go grocery shopping and cook them a last supper. Pumpkin pie is on the menu.. yummy!

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