Saturday, July 10, 2010

first week - bewilderment

This first week has passed by in a complete blur.

Let's just say this parenting business involves a very very very steep learning curve from the moment you hear that first cry.

Throw in random sleep patterns, messy tar-like substance poos, leaky boobs and an unimaginable sore body, then you can kind of envision what this week's been like.

Matt's been great at being the Director in Communications, fielding emails, phone calls and Skype video chats all over the world.

It's incredible to think that when Matt was born just 36 years ago, news of his birth was announced to relatives via telegrams!

And now we have instant video conferences to any corner of the planet with a decent internet connection. That is pretty amazing.

We have been spending about 80% of the day in bed, alternating between fitfully sleeping and just staring at our beautiful new son.

The rest of the world seems to have been put on
semi- permanent hold....

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