Friday, August 28, 2020

Journey On the Göta Canal


Click below for my 3rd entry as a guest blogger for The Newbie Guide To Sweden:

Journey on the Göta Canal


Beverley Sproats said...

Hi Bonnie and Matthew,
I've really enjoyed following your cruising journey and move to Sweden on your blog! I was Matt's second year at AC (I was there '89-'91). A friend of mine in Jersey, Matt Porteous (photographer)(@MattPorteous) is interested in knowing more about sailing around the world and I would love to put him in touch with you. I've given him your blog details and tagged @MatthewThornington on Instagram. I would be grateful if you can let me know an email address or other contact details that I can pass on to Matt Porteous. You might even know Matt P. already from Jersey? Thanks and best wishes, Beverley Sproats (née Vieira).

Bonthorn said...

Hi Beverley, thanks for your message! Unfortunately we're not on Instagram but you can reach us at

Thanks for following my blog, maybe we can meet in person next time we're in Jersey?!

Beverley Sproats said...

Thanks for your reply, Bonnie! It would be great to meet in person next time you're in Jersey! Let me know and it would be lovely to have you all over for a meal. Thanks for your email address. I'll pass it on to Matt Porteous. Bev x