Thursday, October 28, 2004

Soap Opera Drama @ EF

Who's who in the social map? Well, we are quite the expat community here, let me tell you. It seems that everyone hooks up with either:
a) another foreign teacher/student/passerbyer
b) a local uyghur, chinese or kazakh

Only 3 of us are single. And only 1 of us is doing long distance (SUsi and her BF Nikolaj who is in Denmark). ROtating partners is not uncommon either. And the gossip grapevine is disgusting. i'm a bit taken aback by all this. Do i participate or do i just sit back and watch? Will i be allowed to just watch from the sidelines? I'm implicated in one way or another. Oh god. When i don't think about it, it's fine. but it's hard not to sicne i'm surrounded by these people day in and day out. I'm starting my chinese lessons today with Teresa. That will be nice. I'm also hoping to buy a laptop. Amy is going to go and take me to her friend, who is the maanger at a computer store. I don't mind helping her friend out; i just hope it isn't ridiculously expensive. FInding myself using British and Auzzie slang. Bloody this and bloody that... also taking on some of the accented words subconsciously. Kind of funny.

Had a pleasant evening of painting and listening to music with Susi last night. Very very therapeutic. I'm glad she is easy to get along with and easy to talk to. SHe is neutral in this whole EF soap opera and so that is good for me. Plus she doesn't smoke nor drink a drop. A definite good influence. And don't get me started on her cleanliness!!! I definitely lucked out.

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