Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another side of Hong Kong

Discovery Bay is like a little resort haven, with tennis courts, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, an esthetically-pleasing man-made pond surrounded by palm trees and wide pathways for young families and elderly couples to stroll around (i'm looking at it outside the window right now as i type), a relatively beautiful beach that is more or less always unoccupied, and so on.

There are even aerobic, pilates, yoga, and kickboxing classes. I went to a 'stretch and tone' class yesterday morning and today my body is punishing me for not being more proactive in taking care of myself.

There are some places where i had no idea i even had muscles there. However, having said that, biking around DB is a great way to build up leg muscle. There are these ever so slight inclines and hills around the community. You just don't know it until about 15 minutes after of really rigorous biking, you wonder when the top of the hill is finally going to appear.

Coasting down these hills is great fun, and might i tentatively say well worth the climb up.

Went to Mui Wo, another town on Lantau Island, by ferry yesterday for a quick cycle ride. I fell in love with that place, very authentic and slow-pace of life, every little lane you bike down and turn the corner to, there are more lanes to choose from, it's a little like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Bike-Ride.

There is a beautiful open beach, lots of local vendors, markets and a nice pub/bar right by the harbour. And everyone is so unbelieably FRIENDLY!

Going to head into town today to check out some youth oganizations, buy some running shoes i've been meaning to buy for almost a year now, see what all the ruckus is about at the WTO conference and to come home unscathed and fully intact - apparently there were some violent clashes with the Korean farmers and the police force yesterday which left some severely injured. I'll leave my views for another entry.

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