Thursday, December 29, 2005

Quiet, lazy holi-days

Went hiking on one of the Lantau trail sections yesterday. Saw only a group of teenage students going camping for 4 days down at the beach, and get this: they were literally carrying several dozen large boxes of supplies, food, tents, sleeping bags, water, firewood, and who knows what else.

They were still trying to make their way down these steep steps, working on the chain-system format where one would carry a box three steps, put it down and then pick up the next one. Not the most efficient way to do it.

Incredible, i wonder if they made it to the campsite before dark.

Anyways, the hike we did was relatively flat, perfect hiking weather too. We passed several big cows who are apaprently so used to hikers they don't budge even if you walk two feet away from them.

We're thinking of going camping there on New Year's Eve with YK and Tomoe (who's never slept in a tent before) and making a huge bonfire - should be great fun!

It's nice to know that we can get up in the morning, decide to go hiking on the spot and get to the beginning of the trail within the hour. All without much advance planning!

On boxing day, my grandfather and Auntie Jennifer and cousin David came over for a buffet lunch at the clubhouse. At first we were going to have a BBQ at our place but then we thought perhaps grandpa would want some Chinese dishes, so we opted for the buffet.

Good thing, my grandfather ate at least twice the amount Matt did, and that's saying a LOT! He may be old but he's still got his youthful appetite!

During the afternoon, we met one of the families on our floor.

We had dropped off Xmas cards at each door inviting people for a housewarming-holiday gathering party. Since only 3 out of 4 of the flats are occupied and one of the families was away for holiday it left only one family besides us: Laura and Marcos and their two adorable children, Anita (3 and a half) and Thomas (16 months). They are from Italy but have been in DB for the past 3 years.

It was nice to meet our neighbours finally, and on a side note, we can ask them to water our plants when we're away and just keep an eye out on our place.

That evening, my Uncle Shak Hai and Auntie Teresa and cousin Stephen visited us for a BBQ-turkey dinner. Despite Stephen locking himself outside on the rooftop patio and then me accidentally knocking my wine glass onto his lap, it was a fun night.

Today was the first day where it drizzle-rained here in Hong Kong since we arrived! What a nice refreshing change. I walked to the plaza to get some groceries and it felt and smelled like springtime in Canada.

So these few days have been busy entertaining guests but also quite relaxed with lots of time for reading, cooking, watching movies, going on walks. Who could ask for more?

Here are some pictures of us since arriving in Hong Kong (moving in, friend's dinners, Xmas, Boxing Day). More to come!

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