Thursday, January 19, 2006

my week

Interesting week full of ups and downs. Had a great interview with Outward Bound and am attending the extended interview selection weekend this Sat/Sun.

Long story short, it's an organizaton both Matt and I want to get involved in and so after a lot of deliberation and discussion, we decided it was only something we would want to do together. Most likely not this year, but perhaps in a year or two.

The time commitment is enormous and most staff members are expected to live onsite, which puts a strain on one's social life and relationships for obvious reasons. Anyways, more to come on that after the weekend.

We'll be going out into the 'wilderness' and assessed on group work, leadership skills, and just basically how comfortable we are in that kind of environment. Hoping for sunshine and warm winds, but it looks like it'll be cold and drizzly. Ah well.

Ultimate frisbee is something we've taken up also with a group of very friendly and sociable expats. We meet every Sunday and Wednesday, all different levels and all are there to mainly have fun and get some exercise. I've finally learned the proper way of throwing a disc and the rules of the sport.

Finally, after having played impromptu Ultimate in Urumqi on concrete grounds with metal spikes poking out, the game has suddenly become more interesting and enjoyable, especially now that I'm playing on proper grass fields.

Bought my first pair of soccer shoes too the other day so at least i can look the part and feel professional.

Life continues to putter along in DB, however i have to say living here does do some weird things to you, and according to a few well-informed women who are pretty much lifers here in HK, DB apparently has a higher than normal rate of pregnancy (don't ask me what a normal rate would be) and from the looks of it, every women is either pregnant or holding a baby.

Pros and cons with living here, but it is definitely more difficult to meet people to socialize with since a lot of their day is programmed around their kids, fair enough. A lot of couples who haven't plunged into the baby scene yet have resorted to the puppy avenue.

Not us, don't think we could handle it truthfully. Plants are plenty enough.

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