Friday, June 30, 2006

Camping at Lake Mohenesee

Gutentag! Just a klein entry here.

Here we are: in Hamm, Germany, at an internet cafe, sun shining, tummy full of pumpernickel bread and creamy cakes, everyone psyched for the Germany vs. Argentina game this afternoon... !!

We´ve been camping at a beautiful lakeside campground by Lake Mohenesee with Sue and Guy. Couldn´t ask for better weather, rented bikes yesterday and stopped off at a Canadian log cabin for some cold bier. Lots of good hikes too, delicious breads and cheese and cakes - omigod, heaven!

Our London weekend was good. More to come at a later date. Basically we crammed in an Eritrean christening, met with some of Matt´s friends, saw the Body Exhibition (recommended!) at the museum, and of course saw as many football matches as possible.

Tomorrow we take the train into Gelsenkirchen to watch the quarter final match between ENGLAND and Portugal!!!! We were so happy when England qualified for the quarter final, but whether they will pick up speed and actually play well as a team has yet to be determined. Nevertheless it´ll be a good rowdy game. I´ve been learning the names of the players and to toot my own horn, I´m getting quite good! We´ve got the shirts and facepaint all ready to go! Hope i can sleep tonight, I´m very excited!!


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