Sunday, September 24, 2006

Underwater Mongkok - written by Matty!

Today we gave up our traditional relaxed Sunday morning routine for a 6am start, to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary (Xinjiang) underwater. After getting married as far from the sea as you can get we thought it appropriate to be right in the sea one year later.

The ride from Lantau to Sai Kung was smooth and cool in the early morning air which is just starting to give us hints of autumn. The dive site was at Sharp Island, close to Sai Kung but it was a windy and choppy day so no boats went out further. This meant that at least 12 huge dive boats with about 25 divers on each were all parked over the same few fragments of coral. All the bubbles coming up from the underwater mass of wetsuits made the surface look like a pot of boiling water although underwater we didn't meet any other divers, probably because visibility was only about 10 feet due to all those fins stirring up the mud from the bottom.

We did see a few bright fish and got to test out our new underwater camera case (see pics) but after the submarine glory of Vanuatu our expectations were probably a little high. Most importantly we had a great day together, Bonnie got her very own Japanese lifeguard fins (with big white cross on the bottom) and spent some lovely time together with a sea breeze coming straight in off the Pacific maybe bringing us very subtle scents of our amazing over and under water honeymoon just a year ago.

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