Monday, December 04, 2006

A calorie-infused sea and land weekend

A busy fun-filled weekend again! On Saturday we went for our second sailing lesson under gorgeous sunny skies and slight winds. Our boat, the Vanguard, is moored at the Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club, and it's really a unique place where dozens of ships of all shapes and sizes are surrounded by tall skyscrapers and busy roads. It seems that the heavy traffic flow just naturally extends out into the harbour, where you literally have to nudge your way to get any water space. Makes for precise sailing.

On Sunday, we went out for a farewell lunch of traditional Chinese dimsum at the Kowloon Hotel with friends YK and Tomoe, who will be leaving HK in the New Year after 7 years for their native Japan.

Afterwards, we surprised them with a tour of Hong Kong in a helicopter! YK has always wanted to fly one and we thought what better way to send them off with a tour of one of the world's most incredible skyline. As expected, they were totally shocked. We went over Discovery Bay (see pic), looped around the back to the Big Buddha and then headed south towards the other islands and eventually back to the Peninsula Hotel on Kowloon where we began the trip. It was incredible to see the density of the buildings right on the water's edge, against the dramatic backdrop of the hills separating HK and China (see pic).

We then strolled around and saw the visiting Swedish tallship that was moored in HK for a few days (see pic). Big, bold and beautiful, it was unfortunate that you needed to get advance tickets in order to go onboard - it would have been a fantastic view from the t'gallant!

We finished off our day with a Hagen-Dazs ice cream fondue at their place. Incredibly delicious and deliriously rich! We will miss our dear friends, they helped us feel at home when we moved to HK and we hope our paths will cross again soon. Already we have a ski-holiday planned for mid-January in Japan, just days after they'll have moved and days before i begin another gruelling practicum teaching period.

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