Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh, Ottawa

In Ottawa, we had a gorgeous Christmas lunch at the revolving restaurant on top of the Hilton, giving us a panoramic view of Ottawa and Hull. We celebrated Mom and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary, where he surprised Mom with a diamond ring - big shock to everyone!

Afterwards, Dad proudly took us to see his school where he’s currently immersed in the world of accounting, exchange rates, business lingo and Excel. Although there are obvious challenges to returning to school after 30 odd years, he enjoys meeting the diverse people and expanding his knowledge. I have to say, though, since he started being a bit more IT savvy, he has developed an intense love affair with the “FORWARD” button of his email; distant friends of ours have confessed to receiving personal emails from him which he has taken the liberty to forward!

We met up with my dear high school friends for dinner and a Kris Kringle gift exchange, which included some items that showed our diverse sense of humour. Here are some pics from that night: Colin and Ritu-Pitu all smiles, Andy-Pandy inhaling his Japanese grapefruit-flavoured oxygen, Anice (too) happily displaying her boob pasta and cocksicle - eventually taken because she found the other gifts absolutely useless (ie. used but useable suitcase, racing car pencil case, etc). On a side note, we also celebrated the engagement of Mikey-poo and Kat: congratulations to you two lovey-doveys!

Allison, ecstatic at having just finished her last set of exams in law school for the term, took us out to see a Senators hockey game. I had forgotten how much of these games focused on the entertainment value; every possible spare moment there was some sort of game or activity to please the crowd (the Human Puck Ball, the Kiss-Cam, the hotdog ejecting machine, the random dancing and singing to win prizes). Although the Sens lost 4-2 to Tampa Bay, it was good fun and we got to fill our tummy with greasy poutine! Can you spot the Xinjiang Sens fan?

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