Monday, March 16, 2009

a break in march

My March Break back in Ottawa and Toronto consisted of snowshoeing with Mom and Dad, skating with Dad and Allison, going to the gym with Dad several times, catching up with Mikeypoo and Hoinoi over Timmy's apple fritters and Indian curries, learning how to knit from Popo and getting told off how short-term my memory is (the truth hurts, especially from your own grandma!) and shopping at Pacific Mall with Mama - just like being back in Hong Kong with very typical Hong Kong fashion (hideous) - and sizes (miniscule)!

At night i spent my time in front of the camera phone chatting with Matt on Skype.

With the amount of time we spend on the phone, you would think we were hormonal teenagers in love.

At least being 28, i don't get nagged by my parents anymore to get off the phone - with my husband!! :)

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