Tuesday, March 03, 2009

western shores

We're back from our very relaxed weekend in Ucluelet!

Friday and Saturday were relatively peaceful with no rain and no major swells in the sea.

We did the lighthouse walk and visited Long Beach and Radar Hill Lookout point.

Our resort had cable TV so naturally we watched our yearly quota's worth, and then some.

We both agree it's a good thing we don't have cable at home.

The unit also had an outdoor hot tub overlooking the marina! I know what I want when i grow up!!

One night we ate at the Eagle's Nest pub, it has a reputation of having the best fish and chips on the west coast - it certainly did not disappoint!

The pub/ restaurant had about 8 tv screens in the whole place, showing curling, hockey and the poker game which you can play along with if you buy a card.

There was truly a small-town Canadian feel to the place!

The next night we ordered the seafood supreme pizza from a local pizzeria that delivers.

It had shrimp, fish, crab, scallops, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes - divine!

Yesterday we went to Tofino as well, driving through the Pacific Rim National Park, about 35 minutes north of Ucluelet.

It has more of a touristy feel to it, more cafes and restaurants and a huge number of fishing charter companies, as well as bear/whale watching and hot spring adventures.

Oh, and not to mention lots of surfing shops for rentals and lessons.

Since last night, it started pouring and this morning we went back to the lighthouse and Long Beach to see the amazing waves.

It feels, smells and looks so different depending on the weather.

On our way back home to Nanaimo, we tested out our 'new' car by taking her on a few logging roads towards Kennedy Lake.

We had to turn around twice because the road was impassable.

We also stopped at Cathedral Grove, home of the biggest/tallest Douglas Fir trees on the island.

Poor Matt had irritating muscle pains in his shoulder and neck (possibly from the awkward tv-watching position that was practiced all weekend long) and couldn't look up.

It's nice to be home again. The snow has melted from last week, it's just wet and rainy now.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the special RCI vacation points.

It was the perfect engagement anniverary trip!

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