Saturday, April 04, 2009

my birthday already?

What a great sunny birthday weekend!

Matt gave me a reconstructed print of our Taklamakan rally picture (the original one that was given to us by the rally guys for our wedding was ruined by the bubbles in the print and some leaky ink)... it looks amazing, just like new!

He was so excited to give it to me that just a little past midnight Friday night (while i was doing my reading-and-falling-asleep-in-
bed routine) he woke me up so i could open it :)

He had some professional photographer take a picture of the picture and then commissioned Anice
to do some magic with it on photoshop. Thanks Sis, you did a great job!

Friday night we played rec soccer at the community centre behind our building.. we go every Friday usually and that night i scored my first goal - yeah, it surprised me too!

To continue the scoring theme, i scored in the hockey game during Saturday's class. Matt scored his first in Wednesday's class! Dare i say we're improving..?

We went for a motorbike ride yesterday after I got two new tires changed, a new chain put on, a couple of new spark plugs and a general maintenance tune-up.

I can't believe how much i love riding, more than i thought i would actually. What a feeling!

We even got our walkie-talkies working so we can talk to each other while we're riding. Now i want some headphones too to listen to some music!

Now full of chocolate birthday cake and chocolate ice cream, it's time for bed.

Work for me tomorrow and Matt's off to Vancouver to get his medical checkup done, and then he can finally send off his Permanent Resident Application off!!! What a process it's been! I'll spare you all the details, I don't even want to think back to what it took to get the whole package together!

I'm dropping him off for the 6:30am ferry so goodnight for now!!

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