Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anyone want a toddler?

Aila is now without a doubt a toddler. She tantrums like a wicked storm and then jumps around like everyone is her best friend, me especially.

Last night she wouldn't get out of the bath despite lots of threats and bribes. She ended up losing her story privilege that night. She wept herself to sleep. But when I went in to put a blanket on her (she refuses to use a blanket when she sleeps) her eyes just suddenly opened wide and she moans "Just one story book!!"

Good thing Matt had a few stories memorized and he went in and settled her with one. And then I go in later in the night to try and put a jumper on her, and at first she agrees, but then she realizes what I'm trying to do and she grizzles "I will wear this shirt when I go fishing.".. Umm, excuse me? Where DOES she get this? And she's ONLY TWO!!!

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