Friday, September 05, 2014

First day of Junior Kindergarten

And just like that, he's off!

In the end, we had to wake the kids up at 6:45 this morning. A bit of a rush to get out but nothing too stressful.

Oh, except when Aila wanted to put a muffin into Tai's lunch box but he didn't want it and she threw herself to the floor in rage and tears. Besides that one little hiccup we were doing well.

We got to the school playground in good time to have a look around and play. We spotted his 'giraffe' bus which he'll take back home later this afternoon.

We saw his teachers (Mrs. Heslop and ECE's Lindsay and Amy) and a couple of other kids we have met before from a community soccer practice and a playdate.

Then the bell rang (actually it's more like a bell chime, thank goodness not one of those shrill bells!) and everyone has to go and line up with their classmates in front of their teacher and stand straight for O Canada.

Then with backpacks on, they march in single file into the school. Last hugs and kisses. No tears. No looking back.

To keep occupied, Aila and I spent the morning swimming. She's amazing, jumping, blowing bubbles, underwater and floating... this kid is all fish.

Lunch and nap now. Then it will be time to pick Tai up from the bus stop, just a block away.

Looking forward to seeing his little face when he hops off the school bus at 3:10 later!

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