Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Night Passage Update From The Atlantic

Quick update here while I have one bar of cell reception!

Currently offshore just between Georgetown and Charleston, South Carolina.

We have been sailing 95% of the passage so far and if any sailor knows, this is incredible.

We had an easy going day reading, napping and chatting.

Spotted dolphins at midday! I was more excited than the kids. Aila even said "We've seen so many before, Mom!" And she goes back to reading her book.

Excuse me?! Does she think seeing dolphins is an everyday thing?!!!

Baked some fresh bread and ate some leftover pasta.

I'm on night watch now while everyone is sleeping sweetly to the gentle rock of the boat.

This has got to be the most spectacular night passage we've done so far.

Unbelievably beautiful out here on a warm night sailing in 12-15 knot winds. Our average speed has been 6 knots or so. Pretty good.

The whooosh of the hull slicing through the water. The splash and gentle roar of the waves. The energy of this magical ocean!

Oh and the stars! The more I stare up, the more stars reveal themselves.

I've got books, podcasts and a good playlist to keep me company. But I just find myself drifting in thought.

Night sailing is good for inspiration and reflection.

Night night y'all.

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Watching the sun go down. 
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Five hundred shades of ocean.

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