Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Gong Gong is in the Bahamas with us!

Guest Post By: Kam Wong
February 12, 2020.
Aila and I walked by a lady's private residence at the Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina yesterday, on the way to watch how the barge people using the crane on the barge to move those huge boulders to extend the breakwater at the channel.
She waved at Aila and we stopped to chat. When I mentioned how horrible and itchy those red dots of welt are causing from the many invisible no-see-ums bites, she gave me a couple of cans that provide burning flames to deter the tiny tiny biting flies.
In looking at Aila lovingly, she mentioned that her three years old son died seven years ago. She is living on bravely with hope one day she'll have a second child.
That reminds me of how precious it is to watch my two grandchildren growing up, albeit in a long distance on a boat.
I see the grit in little Aila who insisted on carrying my backpack and the other small luggage to the car when Bonnie and Matt picked me up at the Rock Sound airport on last Monday.
I tasted the coffee making skill of Tai at each morning breakfast on the boat, and his style of argument as he knows it all.
A sign of growing up and an attempt to push the boundaries. Were we there before?
We visited places around the island, played Exploding Kittens board games, swam in the deserted pool, ate on the boat and on land, and just talked, or read silently in peace.
Slowing down and mingling, listening and understanding.
Time flies so fast and I try to hold on every moment, just to be there.
Eleuthera is a perfect place for everlasting memories, simple, unsophisticated, laid back and authentic.
The kids one day, hopefully, will remember: I wish time stands still to relive this presence.

The color of the water....intoxicating.

Looking down from the plane. Gorgeous color and sand pattern around an island. 
There is house on it.

I admire little Aila's grit. She insisted to carry my backpack and 
the small luggage to the car at my arrival.

Cape Eleuthera institute compound.

Look at that price!!

Tai and Aila at the pool, ready to jump in.

Growing up....4 teeth lost on the boat!

Going to see Queen's Bath where waves are crashing in.

Climbing at the Queen's Bath.

On top of the Queen's Bath.

Bonnie, Aila, Matt and Tai at the Queen's Bath.

Me and Aila in front of Anjulia Sue.

I kept laughing at her look. Aila does not mind.

Anjulia Sue at night.

The marina. We sleep on the boat.

In the salon where we have our meals. Kitchen is on the left behind.

A barge carrying boulders to extend the breakwater. What a water color difference.

February 16, 2020.
Matt and Bonnie always say that their sailing from Nova Scotia to the Bahamas over a year is trading money for experiences. I can't agree much more.
When I smile at these pictures, it's not just the memory we share, it's more like a warm blanket on my heart, a soothing cold drink in the heat, a blessing in the soul.
Maybe togetherness in paradise is icing on the cake!

Always love seeing them holding hands walking. How often you see adult 
children doing this? Isn't it precious witnessing innocence, non-judgment, 
and true brother-sister love?

Call her flexible and agile.

The color of the water weaves with that of the sky --- peaceful. Wishing someone is here.

Looking at the other side of the well equipped marina.

Missing aunty Anice! A simple home made meal at the marina villa. It's 
not the materialistic possession we have valuable, it's the family 
experiences and togetherness precious and irreplaceable.

Here she goes again when we moved to land from the boat on the last few days in the marina.

Ahhhhhh, the beautiful sunset, the silhouette, the skipping stones, the Family.

Love this deserted pool where Aila and Tai spending lots of time these past couple of days.

Nurse sharks are in the water around the marina. Signs says no swimming.

February 18, 2020.

By the time you read this, I am likely flying out at 7.30am Wednesday from Rock Sound airport to Nassau waiting for my connection flight to Ottawa via Toronto.
I would have hugged Aila, Tai, Bonnie and Matt at the gate bidding sweet farewell after ten glorious days together.
Sad, yes. Happy, definitely.
In the last few days, we played on the pink powdery sand beach that saw very few people, we toured the nearby Cape Eleuthera Institute island school learning the research undertaken and the study of biodiversity and sustainable environment.
We watched movies before bedtime, played many board games, made muffins, flew paper planes, laughed out loud and the kids also cried when they over extended their excitement. We lived life.

They will keep sailing to Georgetown of Exumas. I am happy for them adopting their chosen path even though they live a distance away.
The children sometimes may misbehave and cause concerns. But hopefully they will learn as they grow, as they travel around this world and meet so many people and encounter so much challenges.
I will see them again and probably cook up some surprises. Till then, hello good cold Ottawa!

Beautiful pink sand beach practically with only us.

Tai Chariots of fire running.

Pink powdery sand beach. What don't you like about it? 
Even a long distance walker would succumb to the magic spell.

Aila, Tai and Bonnie playing in the water.

Bonnie showing Aila the surfing move.

Aila and Matt building a sand castle.
Cape Eleuthera Institute boardwalk.

The last glorious Bahamas sunset at the Cape Eleuthera marina that I witnessed.

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