Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A Last Glorious Sail

We made it. And the USA let us in no problem, phew.
350 nautical miles over 3 nights (87 hours) and on just one tack!
The sailing was brilliant, thank goodness for favourable winds.
The kids were good crew members, pretty much tending to their own needs. There were only a few times I had to remind them to brush their teeth and drink water.
Matt and I barely saw each other over the past few days. We were just tag teaming at the helm, while the other rested.
Now comes Phase Two: unpacking the boat and prepping her for selling.
We've given the kids strict instructions to only take what they really really want.
They are already sorting their Lego collection with surprising cooperation while Matt and I sit in the cockpit decompressing.
Thanks to everyone who made all this possible.
I knew Anjulia and Sue were always looking over us, I could feel it.
And now here we are, about to leave the home we've known for the last ten months.
I'm too overwhelmed and exhausted to cry, but I'm sure that will come.

Entering Fort Pierce inlet at sunrise. Morning y'all!

Hello America!

Happy, relieved and very tired Captain.

I will definitely miss this view. So much.

Crazy what a few months of wind can do to a flag!

Here's a bunch of sunrise and sunset photos taken over our 3-day passage. It never gets old.


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