Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Mommy and Daughter Date

While the others went on a road trip to the southern most point of Little Exumas Island, Aila and I had a day out in Georgetown.

First we had an appointment with Martha at the Straw Market.

We met her last Saturday when we went into the market to browse around. I was so impressed with the straw baskets and other beautiful items she was making, I asked her if she would teach us how to make something. So we set a date for us to come back today. What a great experience!

Martha learned how to weave straw handicrafts from her grandparents when she was a child. She drives 40 minutes each way to come and sell her beautiful hand-made items and looks after her grandkids everyday when they finish school.

A humble and gentle soul, she patiently taught us how to make straw embroidered bookmarks, something we'll treasure always.

After a picnic lunch and ice cream, Aila and I settled ourselves at Driftwood Cafe to drink tea, read and wait until the others picked us up.

Unbeknownst to me, the owner of Chat 'N' Chill, KB, sits down next to me and starts to make small talk.

By the time he told me who he was, I had already talked his ear off about cruising and my impressions of the Bahamas, the turmoil of the world with the coronavirus and how removed I feel from it all, etc.

KB has an interesting story himself and now I really can't wait to get across to Stocking Island to visit Chat 'N'Chill!

FYI, Chat 'N'Chill is THE place where cruisers go to meet other cruisers here in Georgetown and Stocking Island. It has become somewhat famous with their Sunday Pig Roasts, snorkelling with rays, beach volleyball competitions, and just general awesome hub for a good cold drink with good company.

Next up, the Administrator of Exuma Island, Ivan Ferguson, sits down at the table next to us and the next thing I know we're chatting social anthropology, preservation of Bahamaian historic sites and relics, the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, cruising with young kids, boat schooling, and transitioning from 20+ years of public service to retirement and needing to find purpose (he has only a few months to go before he retires).

Although Aila didn't really participate in the conversations today, she listened intently.

Today was all about small island charm and the local people that make it so special.

Thank you Martha, KB and Ivan!

The love for your country is incredible but your openness and heartfelt compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters is truly inspiring.

Making a straw bookmark.

At Martha's stall at the straw market.
Tea, mango twist donut and quiet time reading.
This was a real treat indeed!

At Driftwood Cafe, a group of Mexican cruisers offered Aila
and I their (untouched) plate of pizza. They had ordered too
much and couldn't finish it all. Needless to say, we gobbled it up!

Me with KB, owner of Chat 'N' Chill.

Little Exumas Island excursion pics:

Giving Grandpa a hug/choke.

Late afternoon play on the nearby beach. Running away from the waves never gets old!

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