Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm so hot

Bargaining wears you down, way down, and it seems that it's a steeper decline to utter frustration in China than in other countries where bargaining is also practiced. From what i can remember, it was never as annoying or mind-numbing as it is here. I try to make it fun sometimes, sweet-talking my way as their buddy or sister or friend; in the end i'm usually given a decent price and a genuine smile, it's a nice little bright spot in your day where you are made to believe you got a cheap rate and where the shopkeeper seemed to have had a little bit of fun. However sometimes (most times) i can't be bothered in China, just gotta grit your teeth and wade your way through the gruelling process.

Matt and I bought 100 carpets over the weekend which we'll be giving them away to guests when we visit Canada and Jersey. The indoor market which we were in had prob close to a hundred little shops, some fabric stores,......... will continue shortly, sorry.

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