Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Soooo tired. Why? I dunno.

I was chatting with some of the kiddies in the hall today, when one little boy comes up to hug me (which literally translates to him latching on to my waist, face burried in my stomach), we talk for a little while, he shows me his painting on the wall, and then he sticks his thumb in my face.

I noticed immediately his thumb is split in two from the joint up, with two little thumbnails at each end. Totally normal-looking besides the fact that he has a thonged-thumb. He seems quite proud of his quirk but i'm sure he'll get his share of stares and snickers as he grows older. We think children can be mean to each other, but adults are just as bad.

Another little boy pulled his pants down in front of everyone, and then without skipping a beat, pulled his underpants down also. He did a proud little jig in a circle and then sat back down in his blue chair, pants and underwear still around his ankles. Totally random and wonderfully unexpected.

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