Wednesday, June 15, 2005

peter pan had the right idea

For certain moments in my time at the Kindergarten, i forget where i am and am immersed in a sea of little children. Their tiny bodies and skimpy limbs offer so much light and magic. I see for split fractions of a second how precious and honourable it would be to be a parent and to lead a child to learn about the world and about him/herself. I get a very rousing "Bonnie Lao Shi!!" welcome everytime i go; kids hurl their whole bodies into my arms and we hug like we are best friends; while walking hand in hand to the playground yesterday, the girl whose hand i was holding suddenly kissed my hand, and then looked up at me with a huge grin, my heart melted.

There are things that come and go in life, changes that occur suddenly where you must make real decisions immediatly, feelings of wanting and needing a change of atmosphere but unsure of where to get it, but it seems to me that what is constant is a child's love, given so unconditionally and freely. How do they grow up to be like the rest of us in this world, so jaded and scarred?

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