Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh, Ottawa

When i woke up at 4:30 am it was pouring out. If i look out the window now at 9:04 pm, it's still pouring out. It has been like this all day, this incessant downfall. It's rather nice in a bleak, dreary kind of way. I do miss the rain and how you can hear and taste and smell it all at once. Today i met up with a good uni friend for breakfast, Estelle. I admire people who are committing themselves to their passions and life-goals, putting a lot of thought and research into deciding 'the next step'.

Stella is no exception and right now she's embarking on a long and winding road down med school. If anybody can endure 7+ years of intense studies, it's her. She's someone who you look at and think, this person will go places, just you wait.

We were so engrossed in our conversation that i was late in returning the rental car and had to rush downtown to catch my bus to Ottawa. Running in the rain with a big backpack is no fun, but i made it!

Mom picked me up - so nice to see her - and we went out for dinner, and then stopped at SDM to see dad, who had already announced to his staff that i was coming for a surprise visit home. It's nice to see people who love to see you, but then again, they are my parents...

I realize here in Canada people spend (waste, more like) time travelling in cars. Pretty much every where you go, you've got to drive because everything is just so spread out. It's more apparent to me this time and i tell myself this is not the kind of commute-lifestyle i want to lead. Not now, and not ever. It's strange how it is so strong in me, this feeling of how ridculous it seems to me to spend up to 4 hours a day separate from the rest of the world in a box with 4 wheels and an engine.

Looking forward to spending a few quiet days here, cleaning out my room, rummaging through old letters, pictures and diaries, going for walks by the river, eating some good home cooking, catching up with more friends, playing the Baby, taking a road trip to Montreal, and hopefully going away for a couple of days away from the city for some canoeing and hiking.

As i wander the house looking at the pictures and little ornaments and figurines, i'm reminded by so many wonderful memories collected over the years. Once in a while, it's important that one remembers these things that can be so easily be forgotten. Familiarity is what it means when i come back to my parents' place in Ottawa, and that in itself has a warmth and glow to it which i love.

Just 12 more days, my dear.

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