Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Lucky Pig Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's holiday time and EVERYONE is feeling it! It's like what Xmas and New Year's is back home, but a hundred times over. Everywhere you turn, there are red and gold decorations and to welcome the year of the pig, and there is pig-everything that is sold: cakes, shirts, socks, pencil sharpeners, key chains, jewellry, and oh, i could go on...

These are two cute stuffed pigs Li gave us. According to the zodiac, if you were born in the Pig Year, you are a happy and chivalrous person who makes long-lasting friends easily. This is also the year where having a baby is supposedly very lucky, where he/she will grow up to be wealthy and successful. There is talk already of a huge increase in births in China to couples who were married last year, a lucky year to wed. For those wondering, Matt and I have decided, for the sake of our child (of course!) who would face unscrupulous competition, that we will forego the superstitions and hold out for another while :)

Valentine's Day was a fun day; i handed out Hershey Kisses to my Form 2 class after a superb lesson on the risks and benefits of flooding, case study: Chang Jiang River, China. Matt and I had a nice seafood hot pot dinner at home, wanting to avoid the hoards of people in the overpriced restaurants.

We get 10 days off at King's College which is the longest chunk of time off during the year if you don't count summer vacation. And tonight, on the midnight flight, we're off to Korea for a week of camping and hiking! We've equipped ourselves with a Lonely Planet guide and a Korean Phrasebook, but from what i've heard about Korea and there being very little written and spoken English, I have a feeling it will be a week of charades and pictionary!

So on the 1st of the 1st Lunar Month (or February 18th of the Gregorian calendar), we wish you "Gong hei fat choy!"

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