Monday, February 12, 2007

Something's in the air in Hong Kong

I'm really starting to enjoy living in Hong Kong. It surprises me since i've always had such an unjustified indifference for it from a very young age. I don't know how or why i never thought i'd enjoy living here, mainly from the assumption that i thought it was all concrete jungle with masses of people and choking hot air. It's all true, but there are gems hidden amongst it all, and not so out of reach either.

On Saturday, we embarked on a hike which literally started in our backyard and stretched all the way up the hills, winding its way through small villages and finally to the highway. I've always wanted to see where the path lead to, and after 4 rigorous hours it felt so good to come out at the other end. I love looking back to see where we've been, how high we've climbed, how far we've hiked. I don't know, it feels like an accomplishment to have a destination, albeit unknown at the beginning.

It's kinda how our life is currently. Not knowing where our destination is, but enjoying the journey now, and happy at all the pitstops we've made so far.

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