Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I'm done I'm done!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to spread the happy news .. no more early mornings, breakfasts on the go, chasing after overdue homework ....

Here're some pictures: Form 2C, Form 1D, me with the other fellow HKU students teachers: Richie (Eng), Jeanette (Chinese), Ricky (Math), me (Liberal Studies).

We did the customary thank you's around the school, bought the entire staff and teachers cakes from the local Maxim bakery, and i handed out candy like a good Easter Bunny.

What has surprised me most, i suppose, is how much I've learned about myself as a Chinese person. Being immersed for the better part of the day in a completely Cantonese environment, getting used to the customs and rituals of the Chinese way, on how to obsess about food, gossip about family, brag about the best bargain, and just basically be Chinese. I know the learning has only begun and more will come as the next few months roll on.

I have taken everything in stride as much as i could, and like what dear George said to me this afternoon in perfect gentleman manner only a 13 year old can muster, "I wish you all the best Mrs. Thornington"... I too, wish them the very best.

I'll miss the little monkeys. It has been fun, but the time has come. I know, I've started to dream about them.

Thank you and goodbye.

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