Thursday, April 12, 2007

focus focus focus

I've always had bad eyes.

They are super sensitive to dust, pollen, long-haired animals, pollution, the usual common allergens. My problem is i can't help but rub them.

I am getting more than the required 8 hours of sleep these past few days, which is absolutely fantastic. However, i am ridiculously tired by mid-afternoon again.

I'm not sure if i'm becoming more anti-social than i normally am. Now don't get me wrong, i enjoy spending lazy evenings at home. I have strong feelings that i will look back on our relaxing time in HK as one of utter bliss, especially when the wee ones arrive.

I am anxious to finish this PGDE course. Classes don't enthuse me anymore and i don't find i learn much.

I'm feeling antsy about our next step. Where are we going? When?

I feel like i need something to look forward to, something concrete, with a date and a vague outline.

I have assignment due dates dancing in my head, but something to celebrate with at the end is always a bonus, that extra carrot in the race to keep me energized.

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