Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Last Passage in the U.S. of A!

After a 24 hour passage we are in Lake Worth, Florida!

It was a decent passage, pretty smooth during the day. But as the night wore on, the seas got into bit of a confused state and the waves were closer together, making the motion more uncomfortable.

We had to hug the coastline as much as possible so we didn't enter the Gulf Stream (which is streaming northwards at quite a clip!)

There was a bit of bashing, thumping and overall rolling but looking back, it always seems worse when you're in it.

Now that we're safely tied up in Lake Worth, it doesn't seem so bad afterall.

Done. Dusted. Moving on.

This passage was a major milestone as it represents the last passage that we will make in the USA. Big exhale on that one.

The kids and Aunty Anice were troopers. However I don't think I will be taking any of my family members offshore anytime soon! Please use this written warning as a reminder if I do bring it up as a possibility in the future!!

It's hot here, although it is considered 'winter'. We are constantly sweaty and worst of all, being bitten by the wretched no-see-ums (tiny horrible things that bite and leave you scratching your skin off!)

Looking back, we've come a long way from little Gold River, Nova Scotia. To actually see our route on a map is so satisfying.

Next stop: Abacos, Bahamas.

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Sunrise outside Lake Worth inlet. A deep shade of blue.
But just inside the inlet, the water is aqua marine and so clear
you can see the bottom! Hints of Bahamian waters to come....
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Morning lookout crew. 

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Chilling in the evening. Love seeing this girl gobble up books now!

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