Monday, January 27, 2020

Peaceful Morning... Sorta

Good Monday Morning!

It is rare I get up earlier than the kids to make coffee and enjoy it peacefully up on deck in solitude.

Mainly because they will wake up from the sound of me boiling the kettle, flushing the toilet, etc.

But today I managed to do all that and not wake them. I have reached a new level of Mom Stealth Mode in life 😜

The water is so still and shimmers like glass. I cannot tell where the sky meets the water, they merge into one big canvas of blue.

Peaceful moments like these make me think of and miss our loved ones. So I am sending a virtual hug to all of you from Glass Bridge anchorage in Eleuthera.

Ooh, the sky is turning a soft morning pink. Gotta go.

And then the kids woke up....

Rare moment of peace and solitude in the morning.

Rare white mole spotted on deck!!

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