Thursday, January 10, 2008

ready or not, happy new year

New Year is supposed to bring fresh optimistic thoughts of the next twelve months to come, of the resolutions to be fulfilled and of the experiences and adventures yet to be had.

Already, i feel a sense of confusion, of not being in control of my bearings. When there are so many unknowns in the equation, you are left clinging to the hard facts. Thankful to be in good health, to be debt free, to be fed, clothed, housed and loved ... shouldn't that be enough?

But things are growing around me faster than i can catch up. It's like my shoes are 5 sizes bigger than I can suitably walk in.

I seem to yearn for more lately. More stability and routine, a chance to develop professionally and really dive into something I believe in, knowing I can see it out to the end. I yearn for more "knowns".

I've been neglecting my writing lately, i know. We have had a whirlwind of visitors, weekends away, and just recently, a long-distance road trip which took us to Lesotho and Kruger National Park, through Johannesburg and back again.

2008 will be actively dedicated to finding a happy realistic medium where I can be in control of Me and where I will be able to walk for miles in shoes that fit my feet.

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