Sunday, September 29, 2019

Homeschool Win

Good day today.

Today's homeschooling was done all in the cockpit because down below was still a disaster.

While Matt toiled away at the engine, I gave the kids an assignment to come up with their Dream Sailboat.

They took it seriously and the final results were amazing.
I was surprised to see how much they actually know about boats now, just from living on one for a short time.

This evening we ate our rice and chicken dinner in the cockpit as the sun set, visited our new friends on their catamaran for drinks, the kids got to practice driving the dinghy and then we went into the marina for showers!

Boat is still a disaster with tools and parts everywhere and we're likely going to be here for at least another day or two, but when the day has gone so smoothly and harmoniously, it's hard not to feel like it was an absolute win!

Matt vs. Diesel Engine

The Assignment

Deep in thought.

Researching with boating magazines.

Tai's finished product.

Tai's bird's eye view of his Dream Sailboat.

Tai's drawing of his Dream Sailboat.

Aila's finished product.

Aila's Dream Boat drawing

Creative hat making!

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