Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Whirlwind Reunion

What a whirlwind!

Our mini break in England/Euorpe exceeded all of our expectations. We caught up with a lot of friends and family and 

Reunited with my lovelies in London, we had day out at the Science Museum and then met up with friends from Hong Kong days for some yummy Caribbean grub.

The next day, we boarded our flight at Heathrow to fly back across to Boston Logan International Airport.

Upon touchdown at 7pm local time, we hopped into our rental car and preceded to drive nonstop to Ottawa. This was all part of the plan. 

Matt had a routine scheduled colonoscopy (all clear - yay!) in Ottawa so we knew we had to be back, if only briefly.

In our three short days back in Ottawa we managed to cram quite a few visits with friends and the kids even had an afternoon at their old school. We went biking and played at the familiar parks, so much fun when you haven't done it in a while!

The day we were intending to drive back to Boston, Matt and I woke up early, looked at each other and without as much as a few words, agreed that we would stay one more day to just relax. We had the rental car until the end of the week anyway so there was no real hurry.

I went to yoga and Matt squeezed in one more soccer game with his old team, and we all watched 3 back to back to back episodes of The Amazing Race Canada on a massive HD TV screen with surround sound. Beats huddling around a 14 inch tablet like we're used to!

The next day we drove back to our ⛵ and it was like we had never left. 

Funny how I realized how much of a routine and rhythm we actually had going on the boat before we left. Everyone naturally fell back into synch and we pretty much picked up from where we left off.

London Reunion: Happy to see these faces again!

London's Science museum

Enjoying dinner with HK friends Lily, Jon and their two kiddos.

Someone's happy to see their Mama :)

Flying back over the Atlantic.

How many people does it take to get a ball out of a tree?

Ice cream with friends :)

Checking our geocache is still there.

TV Dinner! Ahh they missed these!

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