Thursday, May 17, 2007

running full-steam ahead!

Making promises and not fulfilling them is not what we're about, especially if that means missing out on visiting Aunty B in Perth!

SO with Matt's air miles points just sitting in his account gathering virtual dust, we redeemed them for two roundtrip tickets to Perth in mid-June. Youpeee!

Just as we thought things couldn't get more exciting, we'll spend a "full on" week in the beauty of a Western Australia winter. After Aunty B visited last October, accompanied first with sister-in-law Jackie and then by daughter Anne, it is very exciting to be going to see where they live and meet the rest of the family.

Things are coming together so quickly. We sold the motorbike today to a guy who hasn't even seen it! There were about a half dozen or so interested people and because it is so time consuming to take it out to show just one person at a time, we offered a kind of "drop in open house" tonight. That scared one guy and he immediately offered to buy it without even test driving it! We'll miss our Dragstar but we've got lots of fond memories of her here in Hong Kong.

Ah, life is good. There is so much happening, so many places to research, so much to do (find accommodations, start job-hunting, obtain visas & resident permits, do full medical checkup and get vaccinated, book the many flight tickets, sell some furniture, organize our accummulated 'stuff', ship it, and of course saying goodbye to everyone here), it's a shame i can't concentrate on my final essays that need to be finished soon!

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