Saturday, October 05, 2019

It's Good To Be Alive

Good morning!! Glorious glorious sunrise. 

I turn on the engine and I hear the comforting purr.

I turn on our gas stove to boil water for coffee and hot chocolate.

I turn on the VHF and minutes later I hear the captain of the Queen Mary 2 come on to say they'll be coming into Newport to anchor!!


Queen Mary 2?!

That's the ship Kam Wong took exactly one year ago across the Atlantic from Southampton to NYC!

She is a real beauty to behold. Incredible! We were so close! And we got to ride her wake after she passed! I feel like we just walked past a celebrity and got to smell her perfume. Eeeeek!

We would have missed this if we weren't up at this hour. The early bird catches the worm indeed!

All giddy and excited now, we are motoring out of Newport harbour with our buddy boat just behind us.

Best news of all perhaps, engine speed and rev's all good and acting normal.

It feels SO GOOD to be alive today!

My trusty deckhand helping to release the mooring lines.

It was a chilly morning!

Sunrise + coffee = bliss!

There she is - the Queen Mary 2!

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