Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Meeting With The Tribe

The Annapolis Boat Show is the largest in-water boat show in the US. This year is the 50th anniversary.

Matt and I were here for the Spring Show in April 2018. We didn't have a boat yet, no departure date and no real cruising plan. We took some classes and met other wannabe cruisers and past cruisers. We left inspired and determined to make cruising our reality soon.

So it felt really special to come back to Annapolis this past weekend with the kids, and although we didn't come by boat, the mere fact that we consider ourselves full-time cruisers too is so awesome.

We had glorious weather, met new friends and reconnected with old ones.

So much fun, laughter and knowledge exchanged!

Thank you to Caryn Davis and Carl Davis for welcoming us last minute with open arms into your family home over the weekend. We can't wait to see you out on the water in your own liveaboard soon!

We came back to our boat Monday night and just missed a window to sail south.

There is a gale currently blowing through until late tomorrow. 50 knot winds and torrential rain are forecasted. We have seven strong mooring lines attached, items stowed away and a plan of action if the mooring line breaks and we find ourselves dragging.

I can feel the boat moaning and creaking under the load, the wind is whistling and howling but we are safe and tucked under our duvets. I'm so glad we are not sailing right now as we had intended. Waiting several days until this system passes was the best decision we made!

According to forecasted winds, weather, current, wave height and tides, we hope to leave Friday morning, transit through new York City, down the New Jersey coast and up the Chesapeake and Delaware canal.

It has been a wonderful stay here in Port Washington. The launch service and staff are so friendly.

There is a Stop & Shop grocery store at a nearby dock, a great library, a beach and wonderful play park, a West Marine and other shops.

However, it is time to move on. But first, let's get through this storm.

Beautiful fall colours starting to appear at Port Washington beach.

Port Washington beach.

Port Washington playground right on the beach.

Driving back to Port Washington over the Brooklyn bridge.

Branded and ready to hit a boat show.

Aila's stick person and dog.

Since we had a car, we were able to visit a friend in nearby Columbia from
our South Africa days... So good to see you and your boys 
Karen Maguylo!!

One of my all time heroes in the cruising community: Lin Pardey!
Her books and stories have inspired me so much in this journey.

This cat was just unbelievable!

Captain Aila!

What an organized set of lines on one of the show boats.

Attending a Q&A event with a panel of cruising 'celebrities' 

Parking lot dinner - again!

At a second hand chandlery. Tai is measuring out some rope to 
use for his makeshift pulley system.

Cruising kids love water... Even flooded forests!

Kids4Sail meetup in Annapolis... What an incredibly inspiring bunch of people!

TOTEM Tru Crew meet up at Sammy's Pizza. 

Matt improvised an (almost) off switch for the solar panels from an old curtain 
so he could work safely on the malfunctioning charge controller.

On the launch at sunset.

Adding extra mooring lines for the incoming storm.

 Cleaning up the battery terminals using safety gloves improvised from dish washing gloves.

We got us some visitors!

Ticket To Ride time!

Rainy day provides some time to practice programming with Scratch.

Rainy and wet day calls for comfort food.

Tucked up with a good book as the wind howls and the boat rocks.

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