Saturday, October 19, 2019

Squeaky Clean

I want to bottle this feeling that I'm experiencing right now. It is one of being super squeaky clean. Clean hair, clean body, clean sheets.

But it's one laced with love and new friendships.

There is no amount of gratitude I have for all the incredible Port Washington residents who reached out to us, perfect strangers, and offered everything from showers to beds to cars.

Woke up to even more invitations for showers in my inbox!

Tai, ever the entrepreneur and completely aware that our bank balance is only going one southerly direction, comes up with a plan to have everyone who has offered us showers to put in a bid to have us use their facilities.

Hmmmmm interesting idea which we entertained for a bit but explained how that would be highly unlikely.

In the end, I had to decline so many generous offers.

This morning I took all our dirty washing and sheets into the town dock and met Laura Stulbaum.

Without knowing us, she said she would do our washing for us during the day and we could go to her home for showers later in the afternoon. She lived within walking distance from the town dock, so it was really convenient.

I knew immediately what a special lady she was when she came straight up and hugged me, greasy hair and all.

We spent the day at the Farmer's Market, playground and doing more boat jobs.

Matt discovered a coolant leak and upon realizing it was a loose screw, tightened it and refilled it with new coolant. All good now. Easy fix. Must keep a lookout for screws that jostle loose. If only all boat jobs were so easy!

The kids did their assigned schoolwork on their own initiative, without needing much help and finished in record time.

They are writing their journals in the evening now before going to bed.

A small change but it has totally transformed Tai's focus and determination to plough through schoolwork the next day. I guess he just didn't like to start the day writing a journal entry about the previous day.

We went to fuel up with diesel and topped up our water tank too (which is not acting properly at the moment, the water pump doesn't seem to have enough suction... Another item to investigate!)

Then it was time to go to Laura's house to have our showers. We met the rest of her family: husband Steve, their 2 boys and their dog! Oh boy, were the kids ever happy!

Tai was in electronics heaven on their PlayStation. Aila was playing sous chef and helped with making a spaghetti and meatballs dinner.

Yes, dinner.

A dinner that we didn't intend on being invited to, but it just happened!

Unfortunately we had to leave before 8pm, because that's when the boat launch stops.

Thank you Laura and Steve for an unforgettable experience. Thank you for the beers and wine, the food, the showers and laundry

But most of all, thank you for saying YES and for opening up your home and hearts.

Feeling well enough for breakfast AND schoolwork!

Good morning! Look at this beautiful anchorage .. CALM WATERS!!

5°C or 41°F this morning. Haven't seen anything from our new neighbours yet.

Walking to Laura's home in beautiful fall sunshine.

Dinner at Laura and Steve's after a glorious shower!

With new friends Steve and Laura! 

Aila's journal - making spaghetti and meatballs were a definitely highlight!
Boat launch on left. On the right, they are taking out some of the mooring balls in preparation for winter. 
Time to head south maybe?

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