Friday, October 25, 2019

New York New York!

Sailing through New York City with my family on our sailboat on a bright sunshiny day ranks as one of the top things in my life so far.

Just plain awesome!

We got through Hell Gate no problem and when we got down to Sandy Hook we decided to keep going south.

We were quite offshore for a while and unfortunately that's when the swells got up.

The kids were loving the big roller coaster feeling of riding the waves and every so often, bashing hard down into a trough.

Tai was delighted when he saw a rainbow in the mist. Aila stuck her head out the entire time to get sprayed on. Those Stugerons, they certainly work wonders!

Unfortunately I was not feeling so hot and I ended up going to bed when the kids did around 9pm. At midnight I came up to take over but Matt saw how yucky I was still feeling and sent me back to bed. I didn't have the energy to argue!

There was more excitement as the night wore on. The electrics stopped working at the steering pedestal and so that meant hand steering for a while and also no AIS. Luckily there was another boat nearby, Canadian flagged, that buddy boated with us until we pulled into Atlantic City.

We are in a very quiet protected anchorage now. Good muddy holding with just one other boat nearby.

We had an easy day of napping, games, a few boat jobs, baking and more games.

There is a gale forecasted in the next couple of days. If we leave tomorrow to make more headway we will need to be somewhere protected by tomorrow sunset at the latest. This anchorage is nice and protected (and free!) so we may just stay here and wait it out.

No use trying to outrun bad weather. Maybe we should try our luck at the casinos first!

Goodbye Port Washington! Thanks for everything.

Tai steering us through New York City!!!!

After a 20 hour run, we anchored in Atlantic City just as the sun 
was rising behind all the casinos.

A somewhat quiet game of Catan while daddy naps in the morning.

Brownies for the win!!

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