Monday, June 17, 2019

Peggy's Cove Delights

We are beginning to get into a morning routine of some sort, dare I say.

Right after breakfast, it's journal writing time. Then it's a few pages of whatever workbooks that is assigned for that day. Math, reading, English, French, science, etc.

Corrections are made by us parents and then grudgingly corrected by the kids.

Sometimes we listen to a podcast afterwards. Sometimes we'll play a game.

When we go out to visit a place, they each have a Projects Book where they have to write down interesting facts or observations about that place.

I'm sure we'll change and readjust as we go, but for now it's good to have some sort of homeschool framework, for all of our sakes!

Today after schoolwork, we all piled into the car and headed to Halifax where we had to pick up our rental car.

Since Kam Wong will be driving our car back to Ottawa tomorrow (and selling it to a pending buyer), we still needed a vehicle to get around ourselves until we launch.

After getting the rental car, we headed to Peggy's Cove.

The iconic lighthouse, set in a most picturesque setting, was standing brilliantly in the glorious sunshine.

The kids were more interested in clambering all over the rocks though, and they did this for a couple of hours. They were so fast and so nimble! 

They want to come back and stay for the whole day. Not sure we can swing that but one thing's for sure and that is they will sleep soundly tonight!

Watching the tour boat speed by.

Getting a helpful boost.

Matt looking longingly out at sea, desperately wanting to be on the water.

Can you see Tai and Aila? We let them roam free.
Our only rule: if you can't see us, you've gone too far.

Gym class today: clamber over the rocks, climb, slide and run. Repeat.

Early dinner: Lobster roll, fish and chips, seafood chowder, salt hash and baked beans.

7 Things Tai Learned At Peggy's Cove

Aila's Project Book about Peggy's Cove. Corrected by Tai.

When you're tired, you'll find a way to sleep in any position!

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